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environment, even though it is great, they just didn't heal as quickly. you get them in the outdoors, breathing fresh air, talking with other veterans, just like jeff said it's nice to have somebody you can relate to. >> the incident in which he was killed, did you know this person he was going out with? did he really know much about the person? >> he certainly did not have the information about this guy. he was given limited information. he should have been given more, in my opinion. but in his eyes, it is somebody from his community. he is not going to question it a whole lot. >> my understanding is that this person has blamed ptsd. does that anger you? >> i wouldn't say it angers me as much -- >> it does me. >> i think it makes me feel very, very protective for people who genuinely have ptsd. because we know a lot of them are wonderful people, serve in justice-related fields. they have huge hearts, so if something dramatic happens, they can recover from it. it doesn't change their character, they carry guns, they love their families. they may be moody. they might lose some sleep.
in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management. >> pope francis delivered a message and it was a boy from the audience that stole the show. he wanted to be part of the action and jumped up next to the pope and refused to leave his side even after the aide offered him candy. >> st. peter's square saturday night. the pope is speak about faith and family when responsible before a crowd of thousands he is upstaged by a little boy he never met. the enjoy climbs into the pope's chair while the pope is delivering the homily. often waving at the audience. with the holy father sitting down, the little boy examines him up close and even touches and kisses the cross he is wearing around his neck. instead of chasing the boy away, the pope smiles, practically encouraging his new friend to hang around. make no mistake, this boy thinks he is running the show. he tries to break up the meetin
? >> oh, yeah, it was really loud. you hear a sound like that in an airport environment and it's definitely not right. >> did you know right away it was shots? >> yeah, i think within a couple seconds or almost a split second everybody, you know, i was standing at the very back of the line and everybody dropped to the floor, and i mean, i think everybody knew right away it was shots. it's much louder and more abrupt than anything you hear there, so yes. >> what did you do then? >> i was at the very back of the line in the second screening area where all the other passengers were ahead of me, probably 150 people or so and everybody dropped to the floor and started crawling, crawling forward and i looked over and there was an emergency exit out to the exterior of the airport and i just thought i'm not going to be between the shooter and all these people and i just went right out the emergency exit and i just started running. i dropped my luggage or whatever and i just started running across the tarmac. i didn't -- i had no idea if there was more shooters or bombs so i wanted to g
'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> time now for "the ridiculist." a cautionary tell, in connecticut the news morning team was disgust when the meteorologist found food on the floor and ate it. take a look. >> you look great and that's all over here. >> what is happening? >> come on, clean up. >> awe, awe. >> let's go to the roads. >> i can't believe you ate that. >> you can't? >> i do. >> it's elephant. >> they taste like shoes. >> oh. >> smells like feet. [ laughter ] >> you are crazy. you just ate that right off the floor. >> i don't think that the -- >> oh, boy. >> i don't think -- >> that is beyond the three-second rule. way beyond. >> so he ate some serial okrer the floor. i'm not judging, except it does get worse. >> ladies and gentlemen, those were not grape nuts that i ate. i kept finding more and for of it on the floor and i thought it was grape nuts because it looked just like it. my cat threw up and i stepped it in and that's what i ate. i thought it was grape nuts. i ate cat vomit right here on televis
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> hey, welcome back. a brazilian surfer may have set a record. the wave was taller than 100 feet, not definitive, that's well over the number he needs to break a record in 2007. garrett east record is 78 foot wave. location is known as a mecca for giant waves and also incredibly dangerous spot to surf. there are rocks right at the base just before he caught that mountain of a wave which could have killed him, he rescued a fellow surfer and friend who nearly drowned. joining me is carlos bulay. congratulations. i watched the video of you on that wave over and over again today. every single time your heart stops. what was it like riding the wave? >> it's crazy, you know, because you going so fast and you know that it can fall and it's like going down a mountain that never ends because while the wave it -- it's very intense and it's so hard for you to keep control in a situation like that, and i had my heart coming up out of my mouth all the time like you have to hold yourself you have to hold yourself. you're not going
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)